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Sewing with Mother Set - Sylvanian Families Vole set

Mother and daughter Sylvanian vole. (similar to the Sylvanian mole family, however a Vole is probably more closely related to a mouse)

Sybil Clearwater is an expert needlewoman who spends many a happy hour teaching her daughter Stephanie the art of sewing Stephanie loves using her mother s sewing machine more than stitching her creations by hand it s quicker and you don t prick your thumb Sybil enjoys embroidery as she finds it very relaxing and it can be done whilst listening to the radio Set includes mother daughter figures sewing machine scissors sewing basket material threads and other accessories

Retired - Hard to Find set.  2006 release.

The Vole Dentist (or mole Dentist as he is sometimes referred to was also released around this time. We hope to stock this soon)

Suitable for age 3+

Moles. Voles