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Sylvanian Families Bouquet Skunk Family - SF 4104

Father Stilton Bouquet and his wife Rosemary run a pampering business. It does very well because all the Sylvanian ladies adore Stilton, he’s so charming, so debonair. What’s more, he has a wonderful, soft French accent that the ladies think is ‘ever so romantic’.

Mother Rosemary Bouquet is the business brains behind the pampering service, making sure all the clientele are being looked after.

Brother Sage Bouquet also works in the family business cleaning and tidying, but only at weekends and after he has finished all his homework.

Sister Jasmin Bouquet loves perfume and is always trying out all the different brands at the shops. Her dream is to create one of her own perfumes.

Brand new Flair UK edition with 'gripping' style hands

Discontinued Family/ Hard to find brand new

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Suitable for age 3+