Sylvanian Families Slide Drawer vintage Japanese

Sylvanian Families Slide Drawer vintage Japanese

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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A vintage Sylvanian Families Drawer Slide Set - PREOWNED Set. 

Did you know that Sylvanian Families were first created in Japan in the 1980’s. Later on the Sylvanian phenomenon spread to other countries. Many sets over the years have been released only in Japan and occasionally we still come across these unique sets to sell. 

Here is one from a past Japanese Sylvanian Families nursery furniture range. It combines a child’s play slide with a storage unit. There are pullout drawers, a door that lifts up to stow toys in and a magazine rack attached to the side to help kee the Nursery tidy! 

All the while the Sylvanian children can play, climbing the stairs and sliding down the detachable slide. What a great combination!

This is from the same era and matches the Sylvanian Families Train Set here


This is a preowned Set, but in excellent condition and all pieces and accessories are present. It comes in its original box. 

Age 3+

Epoch Japanese 1990’s.