Sylvanian Families Tomy Slydale fox family

Sylvanian Families Slydale Fox Family - Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Slydale Fox Family - Vintage

The Slydale Fox Family were one of the original Sylvanian Families in 1987 and perhaps my favourite of them all. Slick Slydale, the Dad, Velvette the Mum and Buster and his sister Scarlet. 

Buster was always known as the naughty kid in the neighbourhood, always in trouble. Read our store article about Buster's mischievous adventures here

This family consists of 4 figures. All figures are in their original clothing, but please note that Dad (Slick Slydale) has button threads coming loose on his dungarees and a strap needs sewing up) and Buster has some serious problems with the straps of his dungarees. Knowing Buster's penchant for mischeif, he was probably using them to swing from a tree and the elastic has never quite been the same since!! Buster also has a tiny flocking scratch on the tip of one ear (see picture) and it's surprising that is all he has, considering everything he gets up to~!

Mum, Velvette's apron is a little yellowed with age. Sister Scarlet is missing the ribbon that holds up her skirt. 

All figures are in fabulous condition. You will love this family!!! They are full of character. 


Condition: Figures are in excellent Pre-owned condition. Clothing has some issues as mentioned above. No box. All are in their original clothing

Note that some figures moveable joints may be a little stiff in moving them, due to age. 

Recommended for Age 3+

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