Sylvanian Families Sophie Snowbunny's dolls houses

Sylvanian Families Sophie's Doll House

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Sylvanian Families Sophie's Doll house - SF 4327

Please note that the colours of the both dollshouse roof corresponds to the first image shown (this set has been released at different times with different coloured roof tops. This set has a blue miniature cottage and a red roofed Lakeside Lodge)

This adorable set includes Sophie Snow-Warren and her dollshouses. For some reason the set is named Doll House (singular) but it actually includes 2 dollshouses - a miniature version of Bramble Cottage and of Lakeside Lodge. There is even miniature teeny furniture to fit inside the dollshouses! A lot of fun for Sophie (and for you too!)

In this adorable set, released by Flair in the UK in 2004, features white rabbit sister, Sophie, along with her two favourite Sylvanian houses – miniatures of Lakeside Lodge and Orchard Cottage, and even tiny miniature furniture for her to arrange in them! Later production runs featured Bramble Cottage instead, so the smaller house had a blue roof rather than a red roof. This set is from the later production, which contains the blue-roofed Bramble cottage and red-roofed Lakeside Lodge miniature dollshouse.

Hard to find

This set was released in  2004, exclusive to the UK.

Flair UK

Condition: Brand new

Box: Good condition with just some slight wear around the tabs. Green insert plastic inside is a little bent in places. 

(Opened and inspected to assure contents of this older, retired set are new)

Age 4+ - due to multiple tiny miniature furniture pieces!

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