Sylvanian Families Horse pony stable and horse

Sylvanian Families Stable with Horse

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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 Sylvanian Families Stable with Horse - pre-owned

This is the amazing little 2004 version of the Sylvanian Families Stable with horse. It is not complete, and some items, such as the saddle is not the original one that came with this set (but is from a different Sylvanian Horse set)

This set comes with a small stable, a gorgeous horse, a rake and shovel and a bucket and a green feeding trough that hangs on the doors. 

There are items missing from the original set, but this is only sold with what is seen in the images. 

The horse is in lovely condition for it's age, but has been pre-owned and does bear some playwear signs. Slight marks, where the saddle has rubbed and also as you will see the horse's mane is quite frizzy. This likely won't comb out very straight, but you are welcome to try. It looks better when the mane is plaited. 

There are a couple of green marks on the roof of the stable. These won't come off.

The bucket is not the original bucket that came with this set, but if from a similar Sylvanian set. The saddle is also from another Sylvanian horse set.

Though not complete, this is still a gorgeous little Sylvanian horse set to add to your collection. Sylvanian horses are quite vintage now and hard to come by.  

No original box included. This will be well packaged and packed in a generic box for sending. 

Age 3+ recommended.