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Sylvanian Families Tailbury Dog Father at Home set

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Sylvanian Families Tailbury Father at Home set - SF 4878

The Tailbury Dog Family are another one of those unique Sylvanian Families who were never released as a full family. Each family member was only released in an "At home set" with a specific furniture set.

The Tailbury Dog At home sets were released around 2009 by Flair. Interestingly these Tailbury Dogs are also sometimes referred to as the Wolf Family. 

In this set, Father Victor Tailbury enjoys playing crosswords and is a very keen gardener.

He likes nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a puzzle or magazine to study the lovely gardening ideas. This Sylvanian Tailbury Dog figure comes with a sofa and accessories inlcuding a plant, picture frame and magazines.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, this Father At Home Set would make a great addition to your Sylvanian Families collection.

A Tailbury Dog Father Set with living room settee and accessories.

Suitable for age 3+

Please note that this brand new set does display some very slight aging on the box. 

Flair. Released around 2009