Sylvanian Families Green telephone box Tomy

Sylvanian Families Telephone Box - Vintage Tomy

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Telephone Box - SF 3175  - Tomy - 1980's

Please note: this is a PRE-OWNED set item. There is a tiny little nick in the plastic on one side of the telephone box. This is not very noticeable, but is mentioned for accuracy. See close up picture as part of the description. The price has been discounted accordingly.

Sylvanian Families Tomy vintage green Telephone Box with vintage style telephone and handle with earpiece on a cord.

This 1980's item has been preowned, and does not come with it's original box. This approximately 30 year old Sylvanian Families original item comes in excellent condition.

UK release Tomy SF 3175

Rare Collectible. Hard to Find

No box packaging, but will be well wrapped in bubblewrap.

Suitable for age 3+