Sylvanian Families Telephone Desk - JP

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Telephone Desk - K-99 - Brand new

This green Telephone Desk set is a Japanese Epoch release of the original brown Telephone Desk. Please note that this isn't furniture from a 1980's Tomy green furniture set, but is a mid-2000 released revival green furniture set, modelled on the early Sylvanian Families green furniture. 

These sets, which were a limited edition by Epoch at the time in Japan, are quite a hard to find release and seldom seen these days. If it were not for the brand new packaging it would be difficult to place which era this set was released. These revival items are very collectible in their own right.


1 x green Telephone Cupboard

1 x telephone

Telephone books and notepaper

Pencil and pencil holder

Lace table cloth.

Framed wall noticeboard.

Rare - Collectible - Limited Edition

Condition: Brand new

Box: In good condition with very slight signs of age and storage.

Suitable for age 3+

These revival sets are quite rare in themselves and seldom seen available these days. See our other Epoch green furniture sets in our Treasure Trove also. 

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