Sylvanian Families Timbertop bear family vintage

Sylvanian Families Timbertop Brown Bear Family - Tomy

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Timbertop Brown Bear Family - Tomy - Pre-owned set.

This lovely family are renowned in Sylvanian because they were one of the first Families ever released when Sylvanian came into being approximately 35 years ago now. 

Big Bear mould:

The bears that were released in the late 1980s were all in what is called "big bear mould", meaning that they were bigger than the standard Sylvanian Families size of today. The Father and Mother bear are both approximately 9 cm high and are bigger in body than today's figures. This is a sign of items being early vintage Sylvanian too. Not until the 1990's did figures, including bears, begin to come out in more regulated sizes, like we see today. 

This Tomy released family of the brown Timbertop bears was released in UK in 1987 and includes the Family of 4 brown bears - Father, mother, brother and sister. 

Please note that this is a pre-owned set:

While this in excellent, well-preserved pre-owned condition, it does bear some evidence of being pre-owned, such as the box is a bit battered and torn in places. Most important to note, is that Father Timbertop has a mark across his nose. This looks as though it may have been where the box was pressing against his nose. A picture of each of the 4 Family members is included in the images here, so that you can see the condition of each figure. 


Please note: This set is in immaculate condition, however it must be noted that there is a slight indent mark on the back of Doctor Murdoch's head. I have added several photos of this, which form a part of the description.

Condition: Excellent pre-owned condition. Box is included, but as seen by pictures, the box is quite aged with lots of dents and some tears in the outer packaging. 

Age 3+

Tomy Sylvanian Families  - Pre-owned

Vintage and now quite hard to find as a full set in good condition.