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Sylvanian Families Town Girl - Marshmallow Mouse older sister figure.

Town Girl Series - Marshmallow Mouse - features the Marshmallow Mouse Older Sister, characterised by her elegant expression. She wears sparkling accessories and a lovely, stylish dress perfect for the town.

Town Girl Series - Marshmallow Mouse - knows all the trends, from antique to modern. She's a furniture designer who covers a wide variety of genres. Not just talented at creating furniture, she's also skilled at interior design. Knowledgeable and quick-witted, Marshmallow Mouse Older Sister also loves tidying up, and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve when doing so.

Her hobby is playing board games. She invites other town girls to play board games in her room she is also proud of. 
There's much to learn when talking to Marshmallow Mouse Older Sister, which is why she can often be seen giving advice to Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister, sometimes staying up late at night talking about work.

Ages: 3+

Contents: 1 x figure and her handbag

Other figures or accessories in images are not included, but are to demonstrate this product in a Sylvanian setting.


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