Sylvanian Families Treefellow owls

Sylvanian Families Treefellow Owl Figures - Vintage Preowned

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Treefellow Owl Figures - Vintage Preowned

This gorgeous little family are an early Sylvanian release. The set included Aristotle Treefellow (The Sylvanian school teacher) and 3 of his owl kids: Winky, Blinky and Grumpy. (You can guess which is which!)

The Treefellow owls were released in 1988 and were one of the more common and favourite families in Sylvania around then.  There was also a later brief special release in 2005 as a limited edition.

Note that Mrs Treefellow is missing from this set and the owlets are not wearing their little colourful jackets. Also Mr Treefellow is wearing his original black outfit with bowtie, but his mortarboard hat is missing. 

Points to note: These owls are in very good pre-owned condition, however it must be pointed out that one of the baby owls has a faint light brown mark on his head. Flocking on the toes of some of the baby owls shows slight wear.  While figures are not impeccable, they are in very good pre-owned condition. 

Aristotle Treefellows wings do move, but joints are a little stiff with age. The owls wings are non-moveable. 

Condition: Preowned. No original box. 

Recommended for Age 3+

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