Sylvanian Families Truffleboar Wild boar family

Sylvanian Families Truffleboar Family of 5 - Preowned

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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 Sylvanian Families Truffle Wildboar Family - Parents and Triplets - preowned

This family is always quite an amusing family to me, in a loveable way. Barrington Truffleboar (the Dad) looks so serious and his wife looks so smiley. I always imagine he'd make a great bank manager in Sylvania! 

The Truffleboar Family are not a very well-known family in Australia. They were initially released in 1993 in UK, again in 2003 and once again in 2006. All releases were so similar it's hard to tell any difference, but I would expect that this particular family was one of the later releases. 

Points to note:

Mr Truffleboar is missing his striped jacket. 

Mrs Truffleboar is missing her blue jacket. She has the tiniest speck mark just above her eye. See images.

The sitting baby has a very small uneven flocking mark on tip of one ear, as seen in image added. 

Otherwise they are wearing their correct clothing. 

Two of the triplets are not wearing their rompers, but the rompers are included. 

Mrs and Mrs Truffleboar are in beautiful pre-owned conditon. 

The Triplets, however, likely due to being a lighter colour, do show quite a bit of dust that clings to them and signs of being played with. I've given them a light clean, but perhaps with a bit more of a clean they will come up well. Their flocking is in good condition overall. Only the standing baby has a small flocking tear underneath his foot. So this is not very noticeable. See close up images.  


Note that some figures moveable joints may be a little stiff in moving them, due to age.

Condition: Pre-owned condition. No box.

Age 3+

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