Sylvanian Families TV Set - European - brand new

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families TV set with 3 screens - European - brand new - Article Ref 1716

This fridge is from the European range of furniture released specifically to Europe around 2010.

As seen in images, this set includes a TV set and 3 screens with different scenes which can be slotted into the TV set. It is worth noting that this TV set is not battery operated and does not light up like later TV sets. This is a simpler, earlier version of the TV set.

Epoch European packaging. 

Brand new - box is in excellent condition

This range of European products are no longer in production are are hard to find in Australia. 

No figures included. Figures and other items shown in images on the box are only demonstrating the use of this item, but are not included.

Age 3+

This set is from the Japanese Sylvanian Families Epoch range and comes in Japanese Sylvanian Families packaging.