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Sylvanian Families Badger Family of 4

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Badger Family of 4 - A pre-owned set

The Underwood Badger Family have had several releases over the years. Firstly in 1989 by Tomy, a later release in 1990. Then again in 2004. From my research this particular set looks to be the 2004 release.  

They do not come in their original clothing, with the exception of the brother figure. Please note that the elastic straps of his dungarees are stretched somewhat. This can be seen in the images. Other figures are wearing a variety of other Sylvanian figures clothing. 

Condition. This is a pre-owned family and does show some signs of playwear.

  • The tips of their ears are a little faded, as happens with many black and white figures over time. Close-up images are included to show this.
  • There is slight fade of the black markings on the back of head of some figures. See images which show this.
  • Brother figure has a little brown mark, possibly a rust mark on the side of his face - see image. This likely will not come off
  • Figures are in good condition in general, but do display some signs of playwear. If you are a collector looking for perfect items, this set is likely not for you. 

As with any older figures, it is possible that some figure’s limbs can be a little bit stiff when trying to move them due to age. 

There are currently Duckling Triplets available on the market brand new - See the Darling Duck Triplets with carriage set. There is also the possibility of a Duck Family being released in the near future - but it isn't available yet. However, the family is not the Mayoral family. This particular pre-owned family is vintage and quite hard to find complete nowadays. 

Highly collectible.

Other accessories seen in images are not included.

 Age 3+

Condition: Fairly good pre-owned figures. No box. Not original release clothing, except for brother figure.


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