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Sylvanian Families Van Dyke Otters x 3

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Sylvanian Families Van Dyke Otter figures x 3 - A pre-owned set

There are only 3 figures in this lovely little set (originally there was a brother otter too, but unfortunately he isn't here)  The figures are in lovely condition for a pre-owned set of this age and all are in their original release clothing. 

The VanDyke Otter family were originally released in 1993 as the owners of the Sylvanian Families canal boat at the time.  There was a second very similar release of the family in 2002 and a third release in 2012. This set is from the second or third release, as notably, the mother figures dress is a lighter blue, as was the case in the second or third release. 

Condition. This is a pre-owned family and does show some very slight signs of being pre-owned.

  • Father's blue ribbon tie is absent
  • Father figure has a small flocking mark on the top of his head - see close-up images of this
  • Figures are in good condition in general, but do display some signs of playwear. If you are a collector looking for perfect items, this set is likely not for you. 
  • 3 figures only included.

As with any older figures, it is possible that some figure’s limbs can be a little bit stiff when trying to move them due to age. 

Highly collectible.

Other accessories seen in images are not included.

 Age 3+

Condition: Good pre-owned figures. No box. 


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