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Sylvanian Families Pair of Curtains Set - This is a vintage Tomy Sylvanian set from late 1980's, early 1990's. 

A pair of original curtains for the early Sylvanian Families buildings of the 1980s and early 1990s. Note that these curtains are as new, and have never been used. All adhesive  on the backing of the curtain frame is intact and as it comes when brand new.

The contents of this set includes 2 x curtain set. The curtains are attached to a square plastic frame that is placed in the window of the building. Note that these curtains are specially sized for the vintage 1980/1990's buildings and likely are not suitable in size for more modern Sylvanian buildings. The set also includes several little tie back ribbons. Note that the original tiebacks are included, and are somewhat different looking from the tiebacks illustrated on the box picture. Instructions on placing the curtains are also included in the box. 


Sylvanian Families early vintage Tomy 

Pre-owned excellent condition. The box packaging does show tear and wear and signs of age. 

Recommended for Age 3+

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