Sylvanian Families Tomy vintage Party Set 3008

Sylvanian Families Vintage Party Set - Tomy 1985 - RARE Brand New!

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Tomy Birthday Party Set - SF 3008 (no figures included)

Here is a piece of Sylvanian Families history! I wonder if any of you collector's recall this set in 1985? The Sylvanian Families Party Set - which has accessories to cater for a Birthday party of a Christmas Party!


What an amazing set!  Not only does it bring you vintage Sylvanian furniture (a long table and 2 chairs) but also food items, party hats and boxes, placemats, drink bottles. Food galore - donuts, pies, 2 kinds of bread roles, pastries!

You also get a lovely large birthday cake, and you can place the candles in it!

Maybe the highlight of this little set, for me, is the tiny box of playing cards that comes with this! There is also a miniature toy Sylvanian dollshouse in a box (no doubt given as a gift at the party) which is modelled on the vintage Sylvanian Tomy Deluxe cottage. The cottage even comes with it's own miniature furniture sets (teeny furniture about 2 to 3 mm high, all modelled on the vintage Sylvanian green furniture sets and furniture of that era.

As with most of these vintage sets in the 1980's they never stinted on accessories, and this set is also bursting with all kinds of little accessories, giving it great value. 

This set is rare and is BRAND NEW in the box. It is rare to find this set at all, but very rare to find it still brand new over 30 years later.  All accessories are still in their original sealed packages.  It has been opened by myself to verify that this new and check the condition of the package.

Please note, that this does not come in the original box that this was sold in with the illustrations of the party set up. This comes in a plain cardboard packaged box (see images) which has a sticker on one side saying "As the Sylvanian Party Set contaiins small parts, we do not recommend it for children under the age of four years"

This is how the item has come from the manufacturer and I am not sure of the reason why the packaging is plain, but this is the manner in which it was sent from the manufacturer. 

Please also note that one end of the box has a tear on the flap (please see the image of this also)

No figures included. Figures shown in images are for illustrative purposes only in the original Sylvanian Families advertisement.

Suitable for age 4+ due to many tiny accessories

UK Tomy 1985 - SF 3008

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