Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck Family

Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck Family

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck Family

The gorgeous little Waddlington Duck Family are here. Mayor Bill Waddlington and his lovely wife Wanda and three ducklings. All are in their original clothing, complete with mayoral medallions. What a fine little family.

This set is pre-owned but in very good condition. Please see below for a full description of the figures.

Some information about the various releases of the Waddlington Duck family. I am not certain whether these figures belong to the 1987 or 2005 release  as there is no original box with the set, which would have helped identify this. Both sets were dressed identically.

The Waddlington Duck family were first released into the UK Sylvanian range in 1998. They were the second duck family to be released in the UK range, following on from the Puddleford family almost ten years previously.  The parents of the Waddlington family wore their gold chains, symbolising they were the mayor and mayoress. The family got a re-release in 2005, and also a limited re-release again in 2010.


Please note that all this Duck family are pre-owned. This particular set is considered to be in excellent condition, but as they have been pre-owned cannot be expected to be as perfect as a brand new set.

To be noted: Mrs Waddlington has a slight pinkish tinge on the top of her head, where her pink hat sits, also slightly on her body. This is unavoidable, due the the pink fabric she is clothed in, and it would be uncommon to find a set where this isn't the case. 

Mayor Waddlington has a slight impression mark on the top of his head where his top hat sits.  Otherwise all figures and their clothing are in very good condition. 

Condition: Preowned. No box. These will come wrapped in bubblewrap.

This set includes a Family of 2 adult ducks, 3 baby ducks

Recommended for age 3+ 

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