Sylvanian Families Mayor Waddlington Duck Family

Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck Mayor's Family

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck Mayor and Family - a lovely pre-owned set.

The gorgeous Waddlington Family are quite a renowned family in Sylvanian. Mayor Bill Waddlington was Mayor of Sylvania for some years. 

This family was first released in 1997 by Tomy and there was another UK Flair Limited release in 2005. I am not sure which release this set belongs too, as both sets were much the same and the box packaging is not available with this set. 

The family consists of Mayor Bill and his wife, Wanda Waddlington and the Duckling triplets. In this set the family are wearing their original clothing, including both Bill and Wanda's mayoral medallions. Only the mayor's original hat is missing, unfortunately. I have replaced it with a similar black hat, (non-Sylvanian), however this hat is a little large, but can be placed on his head. 

The figures are in lovely condition. Points to note, there is a tiny fleck mark on the head of the duckling with pink bow (see close up image that shows this). Otherwise this family is in fine condition. Do note, however, that these are pre-owned, so figures may not be as perfect as new, and there may be very slight signs of playwear. 

It is possible that some figure’s limbs can be a little bit stiff when trying to move them due to age. These are about 30 years old.

There are currently Duckling Triplets available on the market brand new - See the Darling Duck Triplets with carriage set. There is also the possibility of a Duck Family being released in the near future - but it isn't available yet. However, the family is not the Mayoral family. This particular pre-owned family is vintage and quite hard to find complete nowadays. 

Highly collectible.

Other accessories seen in images are not included, however many of these accessories can be found in store in our MINIATURES COLLECTION

 Age 3+

Condition: Very good pre-owned. No box. Mayor's hat is not original to the set and is slightly big for him.


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