Sylvanian Families Gold Window frames

Sylvanian Families Window Frames - Gold

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Ornate Gold Window Frames x 2

Here we have two elegant Window Frames which can be fitted on your Sylvanian Families Town Series buildings to add some extra style to the already stylish series.

These frame clip onto your windows, as seen in images depicting this. The frames will fit the following Sylvanian Families Town Series buildings: The Grand Department Store, The Delicious Restaurant (as illustrated in images) and the  Designer Studio.

You will receive: 2 x Gold coloured Window Frames

Made of plastic.

These are genuine Sylvanian Families Products from the Japanese Sylvanian Families range.

These brand new items come in factory sealed plastic packaging, as seen in images.

Suitable for age 3+