Sylvanian Families Trailer and Connector

Sylvanian Families Trailer and Connector

Sylvanian Families UK

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Sylvanian Famlies Trailer & Connector

If you are looking for a towbar (as a spare part) for your caravan, then this set is the perfect solution! It includes the towbar that can connect to a pull the Sylvanian Families Caravan! And the bonus is that comes with a cute trailer for carrying all your extras on holiday!

Holidays on the go in Sylvania have never been more popular! With that in mind, your families need extra space to pack up all their camping and holiday accessories. This fab trailer works with the Campervan, the Saloon Car, the Family Car and the Bluebell Seven Seater and can be hitched on to the rear number plate of any of these vehicles using the tow bar connector which is included. The end of the trailer folds flat, so even your largest holiday items (like the canoe for example) can be taken away by your Sylvanians. So, load up the bbq, bikes, picnic hamper, skis, ice-skates and anything else you might need and set off on the Sylvanian holiday of a lifetime!

Figures & accessories not included.