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Sylvanian Handicraft Shop JP - vintage - RARE

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Sylvanian Handicraft Shop JP - vintage - Mi-10 RARE (includes a bonus figure)

This is part of the Japanese small shops series released in 2002. 

The Japanese handicraft Shop is one of the most sought after small shops from the 2000's range and one of the hardest to find, especially complete. 

This little shop is a handcrafter's dream. It's bursting with all kinds of crafty goodies, from cotton reels to yarn to paints and brushes and pot paints. The highlight of the set is the Make-your-own-Stuffed-Rabbit set that the shop sells.

There are so many gorgeous little bits and pieces, some very tiny, in this set, for example the 24 tiny little buttons of various colours.

See below for a full notes about the items included.

This set is 100% complete. 

Condition: This is a vintage pre-owned set.100% complete. Everything in the set is in excellent condition.

Points to note about the Contents:

* The previous owner has blue-tacked some of the items onto shelves. This can be removed easily if you wish to, but am selling it as it is. 

* All 24 buttons are present, but please note that 2 of the green buttons have been attached to the sticker of the cotton threads. These can easily be removed.

* There are 3 balls of wool that are bound by a sticker. The sticker on the red ball of wool is coming loose, but can easily be restuck to keep the ball of wool tidy.

* There was no figure sold with this set, however the little grey Cottontail Rabbit girl was in the box, so am selling her as a bonus extra. She features on the image on the box too, so is obviously from this same era. The figure is not perfect, does have some playwear and some marks (she is a free gift with this set)

Box: original box is included, but has some very slight aging and wear on the box.

Figures are not included in the original set, but one bonus figure that appears on the box image has been included.  See the image of the back of the box which shows all accessories in this set. 

2002 Release Japanese Sylvanian Families Shop series

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Age 5+ recommended due to multiple tiny buttons and accessories in this set.


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