Sylvanian Red Panda Family of 3

Calico Critters USA

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Calico Critters Red Panda Family of 3 
(This is identical to the Sylvanian Families Robinson Red Panda family, only it comes in USA branded Calico Critters packaging and Calico Critters give families their own names and biographies)
  • Includes father Russell, mother Rufina, and sister Rowena
  • Russell and Rufina Red Panda measure approximately 3” tall. Rowena Red Panda is approximately 2.25” tall
  • Father, Russell is always very cheerful and happy. He loves going on picnics with his family in the park. Mother, Rufina is an amazing baker and makes the most delicious desserts! Her specialties include strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse pies. Daughter, Rowena is very active and loves playing sports. She especially likes playing soccer and is on her school's team. 

This lovely family are now retired from production in the Sylvanian Families line. But we're glad to offer the US version.

Sylvanian Families are sold under the name of Calico Critters in USA and Canada and this product comes in Calico Critters USA packaging.

Condition: Brand New

Age 3+