The Ballet Lesson - with Appleblossom Squirrels

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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This is a pre-owned set, which has been owned by a collector, displayed briefly, but never played with.  In immaculate, as new condition.

Jane Appleblossom teaches ballet. Her star pupil is her daughter Justina who wants to practice all the time. Jane loves watching her daughter dance so they move all the furniture to the sides of the room creating enough space for Justina to dance freely while Jane accompanies her on the piano. Their favourite music is from The Nutcracker and they love to swirl and spin around the room together.

Set includes Squirrel mother Jane Apple-Blossom, and her star student, daughter Justina, as well as costumes and piano and stool.

Retired/Hard to Find set.

The Appleblossom grey squirrels with black bushy tails have never been released as a family, but only in sets, such as this.

Suitable for age 3+ 

Flair Edition. 2003 release.