Sylvanian Families Santa and Christmas tree market

The CHRISTMAS TREE Market is OPEN - Come along and choose a tree!


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The Miniature CHRISTMAS TREE Shop is now open.

Choose a miniature tree or sign or red ladder to hang the sign on  

The sign can be hung on a red ladder as seen in images, which is also available from the Selection drop down box and also has many other festive uses.

Take a little stroll along to Santa's Christmas Tree market - new trees arriving daily! Will it be a Forest Green one this year, or maybe several Dark Green or Mid Green trees or even a Gold or Silver Christmas tree. 

Christmas is always an exciting time in Sylvania! There is so much you can add to your festive scene and here's a great little selection of trees. Choose your own (or as many as you like) from the drop down box on the right. 

Please note this is a miniature, not a toy

Measurements of trees vary between 4 cm and 7 cm. Measurements are approximate only as this can vary slightly. As these are wire based trees and can bend, they may need to be straightened.

See our store's lovely collection of miniature Christmas accessories, just perfect to go alongside this item in our Christmas collection

Please note that this item is not designed to be a toy, but is ideal for display purposes in a Christmas scene.

Other items, figures and accessories seen in pictures are not included, but are to demonstrate the use and size of this item in a Sylvanian Families scene. We do have many other Sylvanian Families items and miniature accessories in store which you may like to see...

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