The Sewing Shop - Select your miniature sewing items

The Sewing Shop - Select your miniature sewing items


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The Sewing Shop is now open!

These miniature sewing accessories have been so popular that we decided to stock a wider range of items and make it possible for you to create your own miniature Sewing shop, by choosing the items you would like from the drop down selection box at the right. 

There's miniature boxes of ribbons, cotton reels (so realistic - you'll love them), miniatures scissors and thread. Some come in little sewing boxes fixed in, and others come loose, so that you can place them how you wish. 

Note that the bolts of fabric are adhered to card (they cannot be unrolled) and are only intended as a display item.

The main image gives an idea of how all the items together could look, or maybe you just need a few items to add to an existing scene. Have fun browsing!

Please note that these are not intended to be used as a toy. 

Please note that Sylvanian figures, building and furniture and other background accessories in the pictures are not included but are used to demonstrate this product and show size in comparison in a Sylvanian Families scene.
These items are Streets Ahead branded dollshouse miniature.
Recommended age: 14+ 
As these items are not intended to be used as toys, these are recommended as adult collector's items for diorama scenes.
To see our whole range of miniature items visit our store's Miniatures collection here.
Not suitable for children
This item is suited to adult collector's
No figures are included in this sale. Any Sylvanian Families figure, building or other accessories seen in image are not included, but are for scene-setting purposes, to help discern the size of items. 
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