Sylvanian Families Kitchen Island set white kitchen furniture

Sylvanian Families Kitchen Island set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Kitchen Island Set - SF 5442
The Kitchen Island is accessible from many different directions, and is the perfect place to make doughnuts and waffles with the entire family. Includes kitchen appliances each with their own special features, such as measuring scales that move up and down, a turn-able mixer, and a waffle & doughnut maker with exchangeable moulds. 
This detailed furniture set includes the island unit itself, with large integrated sink, plus a host of kitchen appliances and accessories. There’s a food mixer, bagel/waffle maker and kitchen scales – plus all the essential ingredients your Sylvanians will need.
Figures not included.

Designed to coordinate perfectly with the furniture from 5341 Kitchen Play Set and 5340 Dining Room Set.
New Release in 2020

Ages: 3+


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