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Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride

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Dalby Store, Queensland

Located in rural Queensland, this little store specialises in all things Sylvanian Families

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Christmas Costumes Handmade

Beautiful handcrafted Crochet Christmas costumes, trees and wreaths for your Sylvanians

Christmas for Sylvanians!


A Woodland Sylvania!

Trees, fences and plants for your Sylvanian Families scenes!

Trees, Fences and Garden Sets


Under $20

Nothing over $20. You'll be sure to find something you love here

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Sylvanian Families Furniture

Fabulous Furniture for every room. Starting from $9.99  -  Furniture for every room of the house!

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We stock a wide range of Families - including Sylvanian Elephant, Sheep, Cow babies, Panda, Border Collie and other hard to find families.

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The new baby-wearing Splashy Otter Family

With fish shaped baby slings!

Meet the latest family in Sylvania


Beautiful Sylvanian Town sets in store

Sylvanian Families Town Series 2018


Sylvanian Families Keyrings!

Now your Sylvanians can go everywhere with you!

Choose your favourite figure keyring


Vintage and Rare Sylvanian Families

Visit our Treasure Trove of Sylvanian Families from yesteryear!

Treasure Trove


Sylvanian Families CLEARANCE sale

Sylvanian Families on Sale. Discount prices. Check out our Sylvanian Families Specials today!

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Sylvanian Families News and Articles!

Read all about it in our series of blog articles, especially written for the Sylvanian Families Collector!

Sylvanian Families News & Articles


Treat your Sylvanians to a festive Christmas

Gingerbread cottages, puddings, Hams and cakes and more!

Christmas Miniatures


Sylvanian Families Miniature items - Capsule sets

Japanese exclusive Capsule sets. 2 cm high Sylvanians!

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Sylvanian Baby Boutique

Australia's widest selection of Sylvanian Babies, Twins, & Triplets - Nursery furniture & Play sets. Everything for a Sylvanian nursery in one delightful place. 

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Sylvanian Dresses, Uniforms and Accessories

*School Uniforms * Party Dresses * Pyjamas * Dress up Costumes * Shoes* Accessories *

See our Range of Sylvanian Dresses, Shoe and Accessories

Colouring competition

Enter our local Dalby Colouring Competion and win Sylvanian Families or Schleich Prizes


Blog posts

Gardening in Sylvania: Trees, Fences, Plants and more

Gardening in Sylvania: Trees, Fences, Plants and more

Seaside settings or Garden parties! Or fences for your playground or farm scene? Find out how you can create your own Sylvanian scene!
Sylvanian Families Trivia - Did you know.....?

Sylvanian Families Trivia - Did you know.....?

Interesting Sylvanian Families Facts - how well do you know your Sylvanian Families? Find out here!
Sylvanian Families Christmas Sets - Handcrafted!

Sylvanian Families Christmas Sets - Handcrafted!

See the latest Handmade Sylvanian Families Christmas Costumes in store!