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The Pony Friends Set

New Ponies have arrived in Sylvania!

Meet the Pony Friends


The Sewing Shop

Miniature Handicraft items in 1:12 scale - Sewing, Spinning, Knitting, Cross Stitch and more.... see our great selection here

Dollhouse Sewing Accessories


Old Favourites are back!

The Sheep and Goat Families have been released again in 2022!

New 2022 Sylvanian Families


Sylvanian Families new Magical Series Blind Bag Babies

See the adorable new Magical Blind Bag Series in store

Sylvanian Families Blind Bags



We stock a wide range of Sylvanian Families - including some hard to families.

See the new Husky Family and Triplets


New 2022 Sylvanian Families have arrived

Giraffe's, Huskies, Pony's and more... see the latest Families in Sylvania

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Gardening diorama accessories

See all of the new Trees and garden accessories in store

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Current Sylvanian Families at great prices everyday!

 Sale prices on current catalogue items every day!

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Dollhouse Miniature Accessories - Coffee Time!

New miniature items arriving every day! 1:12 scale - we stock a wide range of accessories.

See our latest addition - The Miniature Coffee Collection


Vintage and Rare Sylvanian Families

Visit our Treasure Trove of Sylvanian Families from yesteryear!

Treasure Trove


Sylvanian Families Furniture

Fabulous Furniture for every room. Starting from $9.99  -  Furniture for every room of the house!

Find Furniture Items here


Miniature Food Accessories

We have a great range of mini food items to add to any scene!

Miniature Food


Hot off the Press

Read all about it in our series of blog articles, especially written for the Sylvanian Families Collector!

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Retired and Vintage sets

Many retired and vintage items have just arrived in store

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Sylvanian Baby Boutique - so many to choose from!

Australia's widest selection of Sylvanian Babies, Twins, & Triplets - Nursery furniture & Play sets.  

Visit our Sylvanian Baby Boutique Here

Blog posts

Inspired by Tiny Oz - a world of miniatures

Inspired by Tiny Oz - a world of miniatures

Australia's miniature show Tiny Oz has inspired the miniaturist in us all!  Always wanted to create your own fabulous miniature scenes? You'll find so much mini inspiration here!  We sell a wide range of 1/12th scale miniature accessories for dioramas.
The Sylvanian Families Highbranch Giraffe Family - 2022

The Sylvanian Families Highbranch Giraffe Family - 2022

Sylvanian Families are really branching out with this gorgeous new family.... the Highbranch Giraffe's!
Sylvanian Families Ponies in 2022

Sylvanian Families Ponies in 2022

The Pony Hair Salon comes to Sylvania in 2022. Serafina Manely is a pony hairstylist who's ready to take care of your favourite Sylvanian Families figures!