Sylvanian Families New Healthy Breakfast Set

Sylvanian Families Breakfast Play Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families New Healthy Breakfast Set - SF 5444

I love this gorgeous new set - it takes the Sylvanian's breakfast to a whole new level!

The mint coloured juicer is adorable, as is the little pink sandwich press. How about some panini's for the Sylvanians to start out their day. Two rabbit shaped sandwiches can be placed in the sandwich press and removed to be placed on plates afterwards.

There's also a sunny yellow toaster and pieces of bread to place in it. And the extra healthy option of pieces of fruit too! What more could you want?

There's plenty of little food items and food accessories with this set:

Contents (21 pcs): Toaster, hot sandwich maker, mixer, cup, lid, morning plate × 2, dish, basket, fork × 2, cup × 2, bread × 2, hot sandwich × 2, banana × 2, apple, orange

21 pieces.


No figures included in this set, but you're welcome to browse our huge range of different Families in the Sylvanian Families collection. We have the widest range of figures in Australia, including many Families that are no longer in production